Last Updated: 31 May 2024

🚧 Challenges Auckland-Based Small Businesses Face When Establishing an Online Presence

Establishing an online presence is essential for small businesses, yet many in Auckland face significant challenges. Understanding these obstacles is crucial for finding effective solutions.

Lack of Time ⏰

Many small business owners are already stretched thin managing daily operations, leaving little time to focus on building and maintaining a website. According to the Yellow SME Report 2023, 28% of SMEs cite time constraints as a major hurdle in getting online.

Budget Limitations 💸

Financial constraints are another significant barrier. Developing a professional website and maintaining it requires investment, which can be challenging for small businesses operating on tight budgets. 30% of SMEs report budget constraints as a key barrier.

Lack of Technical Expertise 📚

A lack of digital skills and knowledge further complicates the process. Many small business owners do not have the technical expertise required to build and manage a website effectively. The report indicates that 23% of SMEs need someone to help them get online.

Uncertainty About Benefits 🤔

Some business owners are unsure about the return on investment (ROI) of having a website, which can deter them from investing in digital tools. 21% of SMEs are unsure of the benefits to their business.

Relevance to Business Model 📉

Certain industries may not see an immediate need for an online presence, relying more on local advertising and word-of-mouth. 19% of SMEs believe that having an online presence isn’t relevant to their business.


Addressing these challenges is essential for helping Auckland SMEs transition to the digital age. Providing resources, training, and support can help overcome these barriers and enable small businesses to thrive online.


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