Last Updated: 31 May 2024

🛠️ Website Builder vs Web Agency Costs Calculator

This calculator is designed to estimate the time and cost required to build a website based on various user inputs. This tool is particularly useful for individuals and businesses who want to understand the effort involved in creating a website and compare it with the cost of hiring professional web design agencies.

In the following calculations, we referenced Wix’s Business plan [2] as the website builder, Small Business Business Web Designs [1] as the big web agency and data from Money Hub as the small web dev agency [3]. The data used is as of May 2024.

📊 How the Maths Works

💰 Base Costs

The calculator starts with a base cost for both big and small web agencies.

📄 Page Count

Tip: As more pages are added to a website, non-technical users often face increased challenges like maintaining consistency, updating links and navigation, and integrating new features. These tasks become more complex over time, requiring more thought, testing, and troubleshooting. A non-linear model reflects how fatigue and errors increase as projects grow larger.

Tip: Small Business Web Designs’ business plan gives you a 5-page professional package and then you pay as you go. The plan also outlines the pricing for setting up a Google business listing.

🖼️ Optional Features

Tip: Astro Media NZ does not charge you extra for photography and setting up your Google business listing!

🌐 Website Type

🔧 Maintenance Costs

📥 User Inputs

🛠️ Configurations

🎯 Purpose

The main purpose of this calculator is to help users:

Overall Conclusions

Try the calculator yourself to see how the costs and time estimates change based on your inputs!

🤝 Astro Media’s Perspective

At Astro Media, we prefer to hand code websites for our clients. This approach allows us to keep costs lower while offering full creative control over the design and functionality of the site. By hand coding, we can tailor each website to the specific needs of the client, ensuring a unique and high-quality result. We have noticed a growing market for hand-coded sites, especially among small businesses in Auckland looking for customized solutions that stand out from the competition.


Auckland’s web development landscape is diverse, with tools to meet various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a straightforward website builder, a developer needing a robust framework, or a business seeking a hand-coded custom solution, there’s an ideal option available. At Astro Media, we believe in the power of hand coding to deliver tailored and cost-effective websites, particularly for small businesses aiming for a unique online presence.


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